Buying a Home in Calgary

So as some of you may already know, we’ve decided we would make the big move to Alberta and in particular, the Calgary area. This past weekend Ally and I flew out to Calgary to do a little hunting around a homes for sale.

Our requirement were the following:

  • square feet above 2000sq/ft
  • min 2 bathrooms
  • 3+ bedrooms
  • acreage
  • garage

Once we landed we immediately got our rental car and headed to our AirBnB which was located in a sub-division of Calgary called Ramsay. Honestly the area is VERY NICE and it is set upon the backdrop of the Saddledome, Calgary’s professional hockey arena and home to the Calgary Flames.

We weren’t set to head out with the realtor until the following day so we took the opportunity to look around at some of the homes for sale in Ramsay.

Longview Alberta (OUR NEW HOME)

Unfortunately, although the area was incredible it was too “urban” for our liking and finding anything with land around here wouldn’t happen or if so it would be far beyond our budget. Nice drive/day though!

The following morning we awoke in our AirBnB rested and ready to head out house hunting with our chosen realtor Dusko Sremac – you can check out his site here

We had previously asked Dusko to have ready some acreages for sale near Calgary and he did not disappoint. He showed us five homes with land all within our outlined budget.

The day was a busy one. We must have seen the better part of the entire city, and surrounding outlining communities. However it proved very constructive and here’s why…

First off we came to Calgary thinking we’d only be kicking tires. To get a feel for where we’d want to live. But we never intended on pulling the trigger and purchasing anything. It didn’t turn out that way.

The first area we went to called Evanston. Situated NW of Calgary, Evanston is right next to downtown and has quick and easy access to Nose Hill Park, a beautiful park in the area. The issue with Evanston for us though was clear immediately…not much in the way of land. And we wanted land!

So even though some of the homes for sale in Evanston were amazing, it just wasn’t our cup of tea.

Next community we ventured in to was New Brighton. Situated literally on the other side of town from Evanston, New Brighton is SW of Calgary. Again however even though there are many amenities in and around New Brighton like hockey rink, water park, community centre and many other outdoor readily available activities, we couldn’t find any homes for sale in New Brighton that suited our needs.

Our final trip took us first through a community called Inglewood which was interesting. As Calgary’s oldest community, Inglewood checked off more boxes than the previous areas we visited. Here we found a quaint small town feel with ample amenities and quick and easy access, without the hustle and bustle, to Calgary metro centre.

Sadly though there were no homes for sale in Inglewood that fit the bill for us albeit we did thoroughly like the area and everything it had to offer.

Then we hit our final destination of Longview – about 60kms south of Calgary. Yes it was a further commute than we anticipated however we couldn’t ignore the fact that we’d found everything we were looking for in a home and with acreage.

Ultimately we bought our home, got everything we wanted, and did so all within our real estate budget.